One of the toughest part of slimming is getting rid of those stubborn fats lingering around certain areas like tummy, love handles and thighs!

Fat dissolving injections target and effectively reduce small and stubborn fat pockets, providing a tight and more contoured appearance. When injected directly into fat pockets, it causes the fat cells to rupture and breakdown via the body’s usual metabolic process, resulting in a more contoured shape. The treatment is often described as ‘non-surgical liposuction’ because of its ability to reduce fat without surgery or downtime. It involves multiple fine injections of active ingredients into the targeted areas like thighs, hips, love handles and chin. 4-6 sessions are required.

Appetite suppressants such as Duromine is widely used to aid weight loss. Duromine which is FDA approved, has an active ingredient called Phentermine that will cause suppression of appetite in the brain making you less hungry thus assisting in rapid weight loss. Duromine is only intended for short term use. A combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise is recommended to expedite weight loss.