Genital rejuvenation is essentially a makeover for the vulva and vagina. Today more and more women are asking for aesthetic procedures to improve the appearance of the vulvar region. Most women who go through childbearing, hormonal changes and aging, they start experiencing changes in their genitalia. These changes are not just affecting their quality of life but as well as it contributes a big emotional impact to their self-esteem. Common genitalia changes include vaginal laxity, stress urinary incontinence, loss of vaginal lubrication, a decrease in erotic sensation and loss of tone of the labia majora.

We at TDOX, are looking at helping you to regain your confidence and feel your inner beauty! FEMININE REJUVENATION LASER This FDA approved laser utilizeslaser energy delivery to the vaginal wall to promote vaginal mucosal revitalization and improvement of the vaginal health.

Tissue remodeling and collagen contraction are caused by the ablative and thermal effects unique to the laser interaction with tissues. Heated tissues can stimulate collagen production. Formation of new collagen increases the volume of the dermis and thickens the epidermis of the vagina.This treatment is indicated for forced 1st and 2nd degree incontinence in women who gave birth naturally.This in office procedure takes 10-15 minutes for 3-4 sessions with no anaesthesia required and is painless with very minimal downtime (2-3days).

The O-Shot uses a clinically proven technique called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy to rejuvenate vaginal tissues and enhance sexual pleasure. The platelets immediately activate the body’s localized stem cells and begin rejuvenating and revitalizing vaginal and clitoral function. The treatment also enhances the natural lubrication of the vagina. PRP is a portion of your blood that contains healing elements and growth factors.

To create PRP, your own blood is drawn and the platelets and growth factors are separated with a special, FDA approved centrifuge. The PRP is then injected into an area around the clitoris and vagina. The procedure is little to no pain, as the area is thoroughly numbed with anesthetic cream. The O-Shot helps women experience orgasms with sexual intercourse and increases the strength of the orgasms. This not only helps women feel empowered and confident in their sexual identity, butbrings back the body memory of awesome premenopausal orgasms and help women reconnect with their inner-self.

PK24 is the only clinically tested vaginal 24-hour vaginal tightening cream. This is not just another lubricant but it will help women achieve heightened vaginal sensations with renewed sexual gratification during sexual activity. Studies show that women who have tested this product achieved a noticeable tightness and renewed frequency of orgasm.

It enhances arousal, rejuvenates one’s sense of youthfulness, heightened sexual vitality, and upholds ones’ sexual confidence as well as increased sexual pleasure for both women and their partner.