More than half of all pregnant women will say that the most common results of giving birth are development of stretch marks. The result of skin stretching too quickly, often due to pregnancy or weight changes, stretch marks diminish confidence and limit wardrobe choices.

Topical treatments are known to have minimal lasting effects, at TDOX we will recommend a way to permanently eliminate stretch marks without surgery. Prevention and early management with lasers, PRP and creamsare the key to minimizing stretch marks. Early red to pink stretch marks are much easier to treat than those white to silvery stretch marks.

Early stretch marks are usually presented with red, pink, purple lines. Best to treat with vascular lasers like Starwalkerand combine with vitamin A creams. This laser targets the vessels in early red/pink/purple stretch marks, and cause collagen remodelling, hence reducing the stretch marks appearance in colour, width and length.

Oldstretch marks (white and papery stretch marks) best respond to combination of Edge One with PRP. When the laser beam energy penetrates the epidermis it converts to heat and triggers collagen remodelling, thus strengthening the skin underlying support structure. After laser, the body perceives this as a wound and responds by removing older, damaged tissue and producing new collagen and elastin.

In view this resurfacing laser has created multiple microchannels (mini wounds) on the skin, PRP are then harvested from the patient’s blood and deliver onto the treated area. The laser ensures an enhanced absorption rate of the PRP inducing the skin’s healing process and triggering the collagen production and remodelling toskin. As a result the skin becomes smoother in texture with better skin tone and the appearance of the stretch marks is much reduced.